Nov 14, 2011

FaLL cAkE bALLs !!

Hey Y'all so today I have a modified cake pop tutorial for ya... I'm sure everybody out there has done cake pops at least once...but for those tiny few of you that haven't... today's your lucky day! So we're talken about pretty easy stuff here and it will look like you spent a zillion hours on these little'll want to start off with a regular cake mix, almond bark, frosting, and sprinkles that's it folks ( I'm telling ya it couldn't get much simpler).And the super duper thing about cake balls is you can do them with any cake batter in any color with any sprinkles I pretty much just saved you a lot of time when it comes to finding the perfect tiny appetizers for your can thank me later ha ha
1. Mix your cake mix as the directions say and bake the cake in a regular 9x13 in pan
2. After cake has cooled crumble it up into small bits and dump in bowl
3. Mix in the frosting flavor of your choice, and this is the fun part because you can do it with your hands until it makes a paste like mixture... I only used about half of my container of frosting.
4. Take a melon baller and collect a small bit of the dough and place on cookie sheet, repeat this process until all the dough is gone
5. Place in the freezer for a few hours until the balls are firm.
6. Once the balls are fully frozen melt the almond bark and dip the balls into the melted chocolate, then add sprinkles as you like
There ya have it some super yummy fall cake balls that would be soooo easy to duplicate for all you holiday parties! =D

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