Oct 31, 2011

FrOsTeD PuMpKiNs

Hey There!...Today I'm gonna give y'all a quick little tutorial on how to create these fun little guys for less than 3 dollars! Awesome huh... well first your going to need to start off with come clear candle votive ( I got these little babies at the good ol dollar tree) some orange spray paint, some frosted clear spray paint (I find that Krylon goes on the smoothest but you can use what ever kind you have at home as well.) some painters tape and black vinyl scraps, and of course your t- light candles.

 1. Tape of the outside edge of the glass jars and spray paint the inside of them with your orange spray paint. mine took several coats of paint so it might take a bit to get them all evenly covered.

2. After the glasses have dried overnight set them upside-down over a dixie cup so you can reach all angles of the jars and cover the outside of the jars with your frosted spray paint.
3. Once the outside of the jars are dry add your little vinyl faces, I cut mine with a cricut machine but u can definitely do this by hand I'm sure ! 
4. Add your candles and there you have it cute little FROSTED PUMPKINS for CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!

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