Nov 17, 2011

DiEt CoKe BrOwNiEs !!

Hey There... so today im gonna blow your mind!! ... you ready for it? DIET COKE CAKE! yep you heard me right, cake made with nothing but diet coke (genius right) well I was searching around on the internet & found this recipe for diet coke cake & it might have possibly changed the way I bake cake FOREVER!....and hopefully it does the same for you too! (because lets be honest now you can eat double the slices) =D

1. Bake cake or brownie according to box directions but instead of adding water, oil, & eggs ... add 1 can or a cup and a half of your favorite diet beverage.... one more awesome thing about this recipe (that is if you can handle any more awesome-ness for one day, is that you can now eat the batter and not have to worry about raw eggs!!...I LOVE rainbow chip cake mix with diet 7 up & dip your teddy grams into it yummmmmy!

2. The batter for brownie mix should be slightly runnier than normal, but that's ok, bake for allotted time plus about 6 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
3. I always like to finish mine of with a little whip cream... if you get the light version that only adds 20 calories... the brownies should now be about 105 calories a slice! 


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  1. Hi! Stopping by from I heart nap time. Yummmmm! I love both diet coke and brownies.. never knew I could put the two together. I would love for you to share this at my friday link party going on now :)