Nov 18, 2011

fastest CaRaMeL aPpLeS ever!

Hey There
! so I'm going to share a super fast super duper easy & delicious CARMEL APPLE 
recipe with ya! 

1. I started with 5 granny smith apples... something about the sour with the sweet is just delicious. 
2. Wash all five of the apples off, now my grandma told me the trick was to sand the apple just slightly to rough up the wax to insure that the carmel didnt just slide right off ha ha.
3. Place a stick next to the core of the apple (some people get super fancy & go buy pointed kabob sticks) but little ol me just used Popsicle sticks cuz that's what I had on hand.
4. Melt your caramel....Now my grandma always made it from scratch and it was WONDERFUL, but I don't have that much patience time so I took the easy road and just bought packaged caramel. (Even better I got the kraft caramel bits, cuz these little guys are in balls and all ready to just jump in your pan... you don't even have to unwrap them)
5. I think my caramel took close to 5 minutes to get all warm and bubbly and ready for dippin' but depending on your stove it might go even faster, although I would recommend keeping it on med/low heat because it will burn if you try to rush the process.

6. Then after they are all coated with caramel and had been sitting a good 5 minutes I melted some white Almond Bark in the microwave, placed it in a zip-lock baggie and cut the tip to get a really pretty drizzle over the caramel. 
7. You can certainly add sprinkles if you have them, I couldn't find all of mine so I just left them plain. 


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