Oct 20, 2011

'BOO'tiful MUMMY BARS !!

HEY There! These are some DANG cute google eye'd mummies and GUESS WHAT...Im gonna show you how to make um! They're cheep, fast & make awesome little HALLOWEEN TREATS ! 
1. All you need is a 10x7 inch piece of Kraft card stock, a giant candy bar of your choice ( I do love me a good cookies n' cream bar) googly eyes - I picked mine up at Dollar Tree, and sticky gauze - also from Dollar Tree, scissors and any type of adhesive
2. First you are going to wrap the cardstock arond the bar & adhear. 
3. Next you need to give your google eye'd little friend some peepers. 
4. Then your going to adhear the guaze to the back of your little guy and continue wrapping around the bar making sure not to cover the eyes... the awesome thing about this guaze is that its self adheasive but also really goof proof (and i need all the help i can get) so if you need to unwind at any point you can! 
5. And finally adhere the guaze around the bottom to insure that your new yummy friend doesnt come unraveled. There you have it, a 'BOO'tiful candybar =D

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