Dec 3, 2011

TREE STAR {DIY..pottery barn style}

Hey There... so I searched and searched all over and couldn't seem to find the perfect tree topper to match the rest of my Christmas decor! You see, some people might be the mix and match types... but not this girl  {I'm more of the crazy, color coordinating, search for 5 hours on the Internet before I just decide to make it myself cuz nobody has the darn things kinda girl} sooooo... I went to good old dollar tree and decided with a little spray paint and an hour I could make a perfectly good one myself! & because I decided that this was so incredibly easy and cheep that i might share it will y'all! For this project you're going to need two tin stars {I got mine at dollar tree, but if I've also seen some pretty dang cute ones at my local craft store that wouldn't need painting}, a wire coat hanger, dark colored spray paint, jute or twine, and hot glue gun!

1. take your wire hanger and pliers and bend into a cone shaped circle pattern with about an inch peek at the top.

2. lay the hanger and both stars face up on wax paper and spray paint, make sure the hanger gets rotated and receives several coats of paint to ensure that its all covered.

3. when dry run your glue gun around the perimeter of the inside of the star and an inch up from the bottom to secure the hanger inside the star shape and then place the two sides together.

4. After it has completely cooled down place a dot of hot glue at the top point of the star and secure the twine.
5. Continue wrapping the twine around the star, making sure to secure it with glue every so often { don't burn yourself!!! I got myself good quite a few times, I feel like I don't have any finger tips left ha ha}
6. Once all areas have been covered and no more paint is showing tie a not in the back of your star to secure and your all done!


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